Specializes in the
light shaping company

    Specializes In Photography
    And Broadcasting Equipment.


    Chosen to represent Seoul as a green company,
    we contribute to the advancement of the image and
    video industry
    by taking initiative in product development
    and standardization of technology through establishing
    the R&D center.

  • Flexible LED
    And LED Panel Light

    Flexible LED FL600 and panel light were honored with the award
    of 'VIP ASIA Awards 2015' by AVING News, the global news network.
    Our pro video and photographing lighting are widely recognized
    for the quality.

    Soaring to be a leading global company.
    Fomex guarantees success by being the best business partnet
    in the rapidly changing digital age.


  • 2022

    Selected as a Small Giant Company in 2022

    Selected as a Small Giant Company in 2022 by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    Small Giant Company is a policy that certifies and supports small but strong SMEs that will lead the global market with their product competitiveness and growth potential.

  • 2022

    Launched Fomex Flexcolor RGBWW LED lights

    Flexcolor is a RGBWW flexible LED fixture that includes CCT functionality enabling broadband light sources ranging from 2,000K to 10,000K.
    Along with high portability, variability, and wireless control feature, Flexcolor provides excellent light quality and light source reproducibility that surpass the limits of traditional artificial light sources.

  • 2020

    Supplied Fomex lights to the U.K., for the UEFA Euro 2020

    Flexible LED and Rollite lighting solutions were chosen and used for shooting promotional videos for each team and interviews, shared all over the world, with key players, coaches, officials, and broadcasters at UEFA Euro 2020 held across 11 cities in Europe.

  • 2019

    Selected as a Small Giant Company in 2019

    Selected as a Small Giant Company in 2019 Held the 1st FOMEX AWARDS

  • 2018

    Launched Fomex RollLite LED lighting system

    Exhibited Rollite in 2018 IBC
    Released Wireless DMX V1 in September 2018
    Awarded the grand prize for lighting equipment at the Korea Superb Brand Awards

  • 2017~2015

    The Hi-Seoul Brand Company

    Concluded academic-industrial cooperation with Chung-Ang University on March 27th designated as the Hi-Seoul Brand Company by Seoul Metropolitan Government on Jan 29th

  • 2014~2013

    Awarded the eTrust Certification

    Awarded the eTrust Certification by National IT Industry Promotion Agency on December 11th selected as the best product in IT electronic industry at VIP ASIA 2014 on November

  • 2012~2010

    Founded R&D Center

    Founded R&D Center on October Selected as VIP ASIA 2010 AWARD H1

  • 2008

    Technology & Innovation

    Designated as Innobiz Company in technology & innovation

  • 2006~2005

    Launched Fomex D Studio Flash

    Launched Fomex D Studio Flash on April awarded as a top qualitified company for electronic division by korea items launced Cricket Flash on October

  • 1996

    Established Hyundai Trading Co.

    Launched Digital Studio Flash established Hyundai Trading Co.

Our Techniques



    Fomex manufactures light products and accessories for photographers and videographers to express creative lights.



    Fomex stands for high quality, realiability and stability as we have various patents, certification, and awards. We are regularly recognized for our overall performance as a manufacturing company.



    Research and development work has always been a top priority at Fomex. We respond to the differing needs of global customers.